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Brainworlds / Plosive split LP

by Brainworlds



from These Are Not Records:
"Mason Brown’s Brainworlds project has been killing it over the past two years with a string of absolutely solid releases. A master of the epic, celestial journey via processed guitar. For his side of the split, and his first foray onto vinyl, Brown contributes a track called “Heliopause.” “Heliopause,” is a 15-minute blissed out ride through the amniotic fluid. Warm, hazy swells of sound coming through from the other side. Undulating towards the vast beyond. A champagne sunrise on the escalator ride to heaven. If you believe in that kind of shit of course. For any nerds familiar with Valis or Radio Free Albemuth, this is the stuff I want to be listening to when that pink laser hits my brain. Plosive is Chris Bracco. Although mostly known for his remix work, this marks the second release of Bracco’s solo compositions under the Plosive moniker. Bracco’s pieces reflect a wide range of experimental influences and sensibilities. From ambient-drone calisthenics to the influence of minimalist composers like Arvo Part and Rhys Chatham. “Between 8:00 and 8:30″ builds on a persistent vibrating bass-hum over which sparse piano melodies and synth washes rise and fall in a slow call and response. “The Bubble Machine” combines shimmering guitar slices with some fuzzy synth gurgles punctuated by fast rising walls of treated backwards piano. All eventually intertwining like branches in a dense forest ceiling. Prepare to float away with two sides of extreme healing. 250 hand-numbered copies in jackets."


released January 6, 2012

A1 / Heliopause
B1 / Between 8:00 & 8:30
B2 / The Bubble Machine




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Brainworlds Atlanta, Georgia

As Brainworlds, Atlanta based guitarist Mason Brown works to envelop the listener in sheets of meditative sound and delve deep into the subconscious to explore the hidden relationships between the micro and the macro. Devoid of the constraints of time and gravity, the music of Brainworlds floats in the metaphysical realm where mind and universe coalesce. ... more

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